Taste of Manchester —
Branding & responsive Wordpress design

As one of the go to places on the web for food and drink in Manchester, Taste of Manchester was getting a lot of online traffic — particularly from mobile users. Consequently, the site was revamped concentrating on ranking venues in charts, depending on the user's wants and needs around the city.

I refreshed the logo for the site, cleaning up and modernising it — whilst also introducing a new, more contemporary colour palette. The site was redesigned to be fully responsive — targeting mobile users who can use the site on the go, aiding with decisions on where to eat or drink in city. The site was designed to be run on the Wordpress platform — in order to allow the Taste of Manchester team to be able to regularly update the site's content independently.

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As well as all of the expertly put together Taste Top Charts, the website also has a News section which is constantly updated with all things food & drink related currently happening in Manchester. The team is regularly invited to restaurants — and bars a like, in order to review their offerings, and get featured on the tasteofmanchester.com — a really useful little site for when you are hungry and in the city. Be sure to check it out!

Agency — Cahoona.
Development — Tomm Warham.