Ancient Worlds —
A web app for Manchester Museum

Whilst working as Lead Creative for Manchester based agency Cahoona, I had the great pleasure of leading the design and UX on a web app for the UK’s first interactive museum exhibition. Ancient Worlds is a free exhibition of three galleries, in which the collection of archaeological finds explores the history of Manchester and the region, as well as ancient civilisations such as Greece, Rome & Egypt, and will run for the next 10 years.

Responsive, multi-platform design

Our role was to create a unique multi-platform experience for visitors which we did by creating a web app. The experience allows visitors to discover more about artefacts by entering Phoenician codes found around the exhibitions, that unlock extra content including audio commentaries, photo galleries, videos and interactive 3D models.

The experience works across any device, in any browser - due to it’s responsive design.

Exhibition Launch Night

The museum also hosted a great launch night for the exhibition — complete with free beer, pies and of course a string quartet playing contemporary covers. It was an all round great night, and I got to see many an excited face interacting with my work, which was a great experience. If you're ever in town — remember to check it out!

Agency — Cahoona.
Opening night photography — Victoria Haydn, see the full set here.
Web App Development — Tariff Street.